Why Choose Ready-Made Curtains in Adelaide

Living area with curtains in Adelaide

Choosing appropriate custom-made curtains in Adelaide helps homeowners genuinely add that finishing touch that unifies a house into a home.

Throughout the various Adelaide curtain outlets available, it’s essential to know a few key elements when adding ready-made curtains in Adelaide while choosing affordable options for your home decor.

Different varieties and price ranges can allow for an overwhelming task, especially when designs or decor are not your thing. For example, layered curtains or drapes may look ideal in a lounge or family room upon vast French windows.

However, a triple-layered curtain can have an outer layer composed of basic light-colored fabrics, with a velvet curtain or a full-bodied drape within the layers adds a different feel to a room’s decor.

Here are some key elements to consider when adding ready-made curtains or blinds to your home:

  • What kind of blinds or curtains can provide a soothing atmosphere in the bedrooms?
  • What measurements are required to best suit individual rooms?
  • What is the overall budget for window curtain upgrades?
  • What curtain fabrics best suit the lighting?
  • Do I want to add window blinds or curtains?
  • How many rooms will I need to upgrade?

Ready-Made Styles & Fabrics

Once you have decided on upgrading your home’s decor with ready-made curtains or blinds, it’s time to determine what styles are best suited. As Adelaide experiences sunny climates most of the year, it’s understandable to add bright, light colours that complement the rooms natural light source.

Here are some styles to consider:

Pleated Curtains:

Pleated curtain styles are more suited to rooms and livings spaces with a formal setting and are layered for further stability with heavier fabrics. In addition, cord-and-pulley devices can be utilised to open and shut these curtains due to the complex pleats, which adds less strain to the material.

Depending on your chosen decor style, pleated curtains are available in various kinds:

  • Box Pleats:

Box pleat curtain styles are ideal for elegantly open living spaces. The fabric is curled inwards to create a box form, making these curtains incredibly fashionable.

  • Pencil Pleats:

Pencil pleat curtains are thinner and single, which may require a variety of hangers or curtain rails. Pencil pleats also offer a laid-back vibe, ideal for relaxed ambience style spaces like bedrooms or lounges.

Sheer Curtains:

Sheer curtains are bright and airy while providing solid seclusion from sunlight and outdoor scenery.  Opting for sheer curtains allows for stylistic roller blinds mixed with thicker fabrics, which adds to the curtains overall design.

Blockout Curtains:

Due to Adelaide’s consistent sunlight, blockout curtains have been a consistent choice for Australian homes. With their added simplistic colours and style, they also bring a cooling temperature to rooms which can be highly beneficial to Australian temperatures.

What to Know When Buying Curtains

Aside from curtain options, there are a few other things to consider while purchasing curtains for your house.

Style of Headings:

The style of heading can add that finishing factor to your decor. Most primary headings are pelmets and valances, which serve the same functions but offer different materials. They give the sense of height and conceal curtain tracks or hooks when fitted at the top of the window frames.

Curtain Length:

Depending on your desired outcome, curtain length can significantly change the style of a room. Often, curtains are fitted above the floor by six inches and four to eight inches wider on both sides of the window frame, adding atmosphere.

Curtain Tracks:

The sleek shape of curtain tracks or traverse rods is ideal when blended perfectly with the wall. To add to the attractiveness, they are usually paired with pelmets and valances.

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