How To Find The Best Family Lawyers In Campbelltown

family lawyers in Campbelltown

No one wants to find themselves in a position where they need the best family lawyers in Campbelltown but if you do happen to, it is important to select the right solicitor for your needs. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to find the best  family lawyers in Campbelltown for your situation:

Make Sure They Have A Relevant Specialty 

Not all family lawyers in Campbelltown are created equal and just because they practise the same type of law, does not mean that they specialise in the area that you need assistance with. For example, the right professional for a custody dispute may not be the best option for someone looking to file a divorce or have protection orders put in place. Because of this, it is important to find a solicitor who specialises in the type of assistance that you need in order to secure the best outcome. Some solicitors specialise in multiple areas and it is perfectly fine to select a professional of this manner as long as one of their specialities is the service you require.

Make Sure They Have No Personal Connection To Your Case

You’ll also want to ensure that your chosen family lawyers in Campbelltown have no personal connections to yourself or anyone else involved in the case. While it can be tempting to hire your friend if you have one who specialises in the field that you need assistance with, this can lead to bias and less than ideal outcomes so isn’t recommended. It could also potentially create legal ramifications based on perceived bias and delay any resolution of your case so it is in everyone’s best interests if solicitors are only connected to the case on a professional level.

Check Their Track Record To See How They Have Fared In Previous Similar Cases

You’ll also want to have a chat with your chosen family lawyers in Campbelltown to see how they have fared with previous similar cases. This can help you identify what possible outcomes may arise in your case and give you a better idea of whether they’re the right family lawyers in Campbelltown for you. Having said that, everyone’s situation is different so it is important to remember that any potential outcome you can see is only hypothetical. 

If There Are Children Involved, Make Sure That Your Children Get Along Well With Your Chosen Solicitor 

We’re not saying that the family lawyers in Campbelltown that you select have to be best friends with your child, but it is important that all of your children are comfortable with your chosen solicitor. A shy child who doesn’t want to communicate with your solicitor in court could end up in an arrangement that is not what they wanted if they are unable to share their thoughts if called to the stand so it is vital that any family lawyers in Campbelltown chosen by either side are approved by your children.

What Is Their Reputation Like?

Finally, it is important to consider the online reputation of any family lawyers in Campbelltown you are considering hiring. Customer testimonials are the best way to ascertain this as if previous clients have been happy with the solicitors work, you are more likely to find it satisfactory. You should also check the local news to see if there has been any coverage of cases that they have handled recently as this will give you a better idea of how they work in court.

Having to find the right family lawyers in Campbelltown is never a fun position to be in, by following these tips, however, you can at least ensure that you get the right solicitor for your needs and hopefully achieve the best outcome for all involved.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Divorce Lawyer in Sydney

divorce lawyer in Sydney

There may be a lot of conflict in the family when it comes to divorce in Sydney, and a bad divorce lawyer in Sydney shouldn’t be added to the list of problems that come with separating as a family.

Having the greatest divorce lawyer in Sydney is so essential while going through a divorce. Confidence, speed, and the greatest guidance are all attainable outcomes when one selects a top divorce lawyer. You need a plan in place to ensure that the best lawyer is hired.

Because of all the documentation and lawful issues involved in a divorce, it is not recommended that you go through with a divorce on your own. There are numerous pitfalls you should avoid when picking a divorce lawyer in Sydney for your case in order to avoid waging two feuds, one with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and another one with your divorce attorney.

Believing that Divorce Lawyer is the Instant Solution

Divorce lawyers in Sydney aren’t there to solve your problems. Even if you’re the petitioner or the respondent, it’s important to know that a divorce lawyer isn’t there to make your life better. It’s wise to keep looking for an attorney if you come across someone who guarantees this.

Attorneys that are fair and practical will be able to obtain their clients the majority of the outcomes they want from their divorce. A good divorce lawyer in Sydney will get you whatever you want out of the divorce and leave you well-positioned to begin your new life when it is finalized.

However, divorce is not a time for miracles. Just because you’re going through a divorce doesn’t mean you’re going to obtain all you want in terms of a settlement. Keep reasonable expectations in mind while you look for the top divorce lawyer in Sydney. Make a goal of getting the greatest possible result from the divorce.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Who Is Too Busy

Find a divorce lawyer in Sydney that is willing to set up time for your appointments as well as answer any questions you may have about the legal process. Divorce lawyer in Sydney that doesn’t have time for you is a big red flag.

All the lawyers you meet with throughout the selection process will talk about their availability and how they would always be there for you. Consequently, it may be difficult to tell who is telling you what you want to hear.

Make your initial meeting with a lawyer as early in the day as possible to get a sense of the attorney’s level of devotion. The next day, phone the lawyer’s office and inform the assistant that you do have questions and concerns and would want to speak with someone there about them.

See whether the lawyer responds to your message. Determine which divorce lawyer in Sydney is really committed to helping you through the process. To be on the safe side, make sure you prepare a list of questions for the lawyer. If somehow the lawyer does not return your call, it is recommended to keep looking for a new one.

Pretending That Everything Is Fine Until It Isn’t

As a general rule, divorcing your spouse is a long-term decision. In many cases, coming to grips with the breakup of a marriage might take months or years.

Early legal research might help you lay the groundwork for the divorce if you are thinking of divorcing your spouse. Start thinking about the sort of divorce you want to have as soon as possible to assist relieve the stress and strain.

The sooner you begin looking for legal counsel before declaring your intention to divorce, the more time you have to budget and select the finest divorce lawyer in Sydney within your means.

If you plan ahead, you won’t have to scramble and make hasty choices, and you’ll have all the aid you need to complete the registration process and organize your finances.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Locating Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

A Step-by-Step Guide to Locating Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

In life, there will be moments when you are so anxious that you are at a loss for how to proceed. For a lot of individuals, divorce is a hugely stressful moment. Making the decisions that you don’t want to be with someone anymore is a difficult aspect of life, but it’s a hard reality for many people. You’re probably unsure how to proceed with the entire separation process. A divorce lawyer in Sydney may at this point step in to help. You should note that its not your attorneys job to be your confidant or counsellor, they are there to ensure the process of getting separated runs as smoothly as possible.

Divorce can be extremely difficult because it not only involves working out a lot of practical considerations like childcare and finances, but also involves a lot of emotion. When you’re got children and must consider sharing child custody and dividing the child’s time, things get much more challenging. Support payments for your child may be necessary in certain cases because some households are unsuitable for raising children. Many of these factors might make a separation more difficult, so here’s how to discover divorce lawyers in Sydney.

Search divorce attorneys and see how they are rated

A simple web query on “divorce lawyers Sydney” can provide a number of qualified attorneys with whom you may speak. Look to discover if anybody has written reviews about them on Google’s page and observe what comes up before going to any of their websites. Reviews may reveal a lot about a company, particularly one that practises law. Before you contact them and continue with your separation, be sure the lawyer you choose has at least a few good ratings.

Check to see whether your spouse has spoken with a divorce lawyer in Sydney

Locating Sydney divorce lawyers

If your ex-spouse has communicated with the lawyer, this indicates that the lawyer has a conflict in dealing with you and won’t be able to handle your case. It isn’t very common for couples to choose the same counsel, but it sometimes occurrs. If the lawyer has gone over your legal case and has recently talked with your ex-spouse, he should notify you ahead of time. If you run across this problem, it may be a frustrating hurdle, but you’ll find there are many other attorneys to discover that are talented and eager to handle your case.

Can you choose not to get a divorce lawyer in Sydney and what would be the consequences?

If you haven’t secured a divorce lawyer in Sydney, a lot of things may go wrong. You might wind up with no rights to custody and payments that you need to make to support your child even though you don’t get to see them often; you could also end up handing 50% of your belongings to your ex-partner and paying up to 50% of your annual salary in alimony payments to the person who will now be your ex-spouse. If you don’t hire a lawyer, the outcome could be poor for you, particularly if you’re going through a separation. A separation might result in you losing everything you own – you can avoid this if you hire a lawyer in Sydney.

It’s a pricey up-front fee, but it’s certainly preferable than making small instalments every month.

It’s not difficult to find divorce lawyers in Sydney, and the majority of them are adept at helping their clients out of difficult circumstances. They will take you through what to expect of the process, ensuring that all paperwork is filed correctly. They also ensure you have a voice when the divorce is finalised.

Finding a great divorce lawyer in Sydney will make your life much easier and is often well worth the investment as it will reduce stress.

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How Much Do Family Law Lawyers In Sydney Cost?

client consulting to family lawyers in Sydney

Looking for family law lawyers in Sydney? One of the first questions you’re probably asking yourself is how much they are likely to cost you. It’s no secret that family law lawyers in Sydney can be expensive. The legal field has a reputation for high incomes and high costs to clients and so many people feel nervous when looking for family law lawyers in Sydney. A lot of people also just don’t know what to expect and what’s realistic in terms of legal fees and so have a hard time comparing and knowing whether they’re being ripped off or potentially hiring someone that’s not right for their case. Check out our quick guide below for how much family lawyers in Sydney cost.


General costs:

Generally, family law lawyers will charge their clients around $250 to $450 an hour in Australia. For a divorce where there are no children under the age of eighteen involved and both parties agree, you could expect to spend around $900 to divorced due to court fees without needing a legal representative, however, depending on your circumstances you may want to seek advice. Child custody can become very expensive and generally, you might expect to spend anywhere between $1000 to $50,000 on legal fees depending on the complexity of the custody issue.


What are the different types of payments?

There are a number of different ways that your family law lawyers in Sydney might ask you to pay. Here are the main payment types you might come across.

Flat Fee

A flat fee basically means that you will pay a legal practitioner a set amount for their services. Flat fees are usually used when you only require simple legal services or when your case is quite straightforward. You might for example just need a simple contract drawn up or some simple advice. The flat fee you are charged depends on the services you need and the agency you are working with.

Hourly rate

Hourly rates are basically when your family law lawyers in Sydney will charge an hourly fee. The total cost to you will be dependant on how much work your legal representative needs to do and how long it takes them to complete work. You may find that when it comes to hourly rates that it ends up being less expensive to hire a better and more experienced lawyer if it means they’ll take less time to complete a task. If you’re worried about the final cost then it’s a good idea to ask for an estimate and regularly check up on the hours they’ve used and what they’re doing with that time to help you keep track of fees.


A retainer means that you pay your legal practitioner upfront as a down payment before they start work on your case. The money will basically be put into an account and when they perform tasks they will charge money from the trust account.

Contingency fees

When you pay a legal practitioner contingency fee it means that you only agree to pay if they win your case. This can be risky for legal practitioners but it encourages them to reach a settlement as quickly as possible – this is most often associated with legal practitioners that deal with personal injury.


Why do they cost so much?

Practicing in the legal field requires a great deal of educational experience and knowledge. Fees are reflective of the experience level of legal professionals and recognize that what they’re selling is basically many years of expertise and a deep understanding of the law.

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Pros And Cons Of Being A Solicitor Practicing Family Law In Sydney

family law

Family law in Sydney is a legal area of practice that involves issues related to familial relationships including adoption, divorce, child custody and responsibility and financial/property settlements. Being a solicitor specializing in family law in Sydney can be a rewarding career. Solicitors help families to settle disputes to do with finances, property and children, and can go home knowing they have helped people settle differences that day. However, the career comes with a strong emotionally charged territory, and there are definitely some situations that can weigh on solicitor’s shoulders.

Whether you are considering practicing family law in Sydney, or are just interested, these are the pros and cons of being a solicitor practicing family law in Sydney.



The financial rewards are high

Being a solicitor in general, it is expected that the salary is relatively high compared to other careers. Being specialized within a certain practice, such as family law in Sydney, can increase the financial rewards, as you have a special skillset in which clients will come to you for. In addition to this, as your reputation increases, you will have a higher demand and client base, which in turn allows you to reap the increased financial rewards.


Provides a diverse and varying environment – no day is the same!

Practicing family law in Sydney guarantees that you will face unique situations and challenges every day. With every new client comes a new dispute that must be resolved, and often these disputes are emotionally charged. This ensures that every new client will not be the same, and keeps the work and legal process exciting and intellectually challenging. No one day will be the same and it is unlikely you will get bored.


Career satisfaction

People can often time find it hard to find satisfaction in their career, however as a solicitor practicing family law in Sydney, you are the reason for settlement between couples, and will be helping people every day resolve their disputes. This can be very satisfying to know, and finally finishing a long drawn out case can be an amazing feeling. As a result, it is common for solicitors to be satisfied in with their career. In addition to this, you are part of a career that is very well respected by the community. More so, the financial rewards are substantial for a good solicitor, as discussed beforehand.



Very emotionally charged

A solicitor practicing family law in Sydney will understand that the environment they live in is inherently an emotional one. The disputes to do with this field revolve around two parties that do not agree with each other and are looking to separate. It can be hard to have a tough skin and to take a neutral stance on the situation. Whilst empathy is a good trait, it can get in the way of professionalism when dealing with these types of environments. It is very common to see clients cry, especially when outlining the realities of the legal situation.


It is a stressful job

Practicing family law in Sydney is an emotional environment, and with emotions comes stress. Dealing with two parties who are disagreeing with each other and staying neutral can be very stressful. Furthermore, you have to constantly hear negativity and possibly arguments between the two parties, which is also very stressful to keep the situation calm.


In conclusion, practicing family law in Sydney as a solicitor is a rewarding career which has large financial rewards, and a high rate of career satisfaction. However, it can be a very emotionally charged and stressful environment to be in, and a tough skin must be maintained to adapt to the given environment.

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