Why It’s Easier To Get Your Electrical Supply Online

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If you’re an electrician then you’re probably pretty familiar with the world of ordering wholesale products, and you probably know that many suppliers can be old-fashioned. Long lists, phone orders and faxing are still a very common way of doing business. Luckily, some suppliers are moving into this century and offering electrical supply online.

Whether you’re a professional electrician or a home DIY expert, there are a plethora of reasons to make the switch to shopping for your wholesale or retail products on the web. Here are some of our tops reasons to consider:


Faster ordering

There are no long lists, paper catalogues or annoying product codes to remember, simply search on the web to find all the products you need.

Having electrician supplies online means being able to find exactly what you’re looking for faster, and there’s no need to call up and sit on hold, you’ll be able to click what you want, and the quantity you want and add it straight to your basket. This is a much faster, easier way to get orders done and it’s much more pleasant than constantly having to speak to a customer service rep to get your order put through. This is especially convenient for larger orders – don’t waste your breath, get everything done on the internet!


Lower prices

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Operators who provide electrician supplies online often don’t have bricks and mortar stores for customers, everything is streamlined through big warehouses. This keeps costs low and efficiency high. They’re also capable of selling large volumes of products which helps with keeping costs low as they are able to leverage economies of scale. In addition to lower overall costs, web stores often run regular promotions and sales or have reward programs for loyal customers which can save you substantial sums of money. You’ll undoubtedly find that you save when shopping on the web rather than going through more traditional operators which large showrooms or employee numbers.


Great customer service

Buying your electrical supply online doesn’t mean missing out on great customer service. Many of them have helpful Australian staff on hand to talk to you about their products, make recommendations or deal with any issues you might be having – best of all their customer service lines are often 24/7 or available for longer hours than typical stores because the web never sleeps and they’re often serving customers from all around the nation in different time zones.


Guarantees and warranties

Buying your electrician supplies online doesn’t mean missing out on the consumer protections you would expect from any other supplier. You’re still covered under consumer protection laws and because many suppliers recognize that sometimes you just don’t get the right thing, they offer flexible return policies and money-back guarantees. You’ll have complete peace of mind when buying on the web.


Fast turn-around

The great thing about buying on the web is that stock levels are often updated in real-time, or close to real-time, meaning that there’s never any disappointment or guesswork about whether something is in stock. Suppliers will be notified immediately when their stock level is falling low, meaning the stock will be replenished when needing, making things more convenient for you.

Because your item is in stock when you order you can expect that it will be dispatched and delivered quickly, reducing your wait time for the items you need. Many web stores and suppliers offer express courier services and postage options, further cutting down on the time you spend waiting for your products to arrive on your doorstep and making the process more efficient.

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