What to ask before installing Sydney synthetic grass

What to ask before installing Sydney synthetic grass

The popularity of Sydney synthetic grass has exploded in recent years, resulting in an increase in the number of businesses offering these items for sale and installation. The question is, how can you know if it’s the right option? Read on below to find out what you should be asking before you decide to install.

How does your product stack up?

Before you choose your Sydney synthetic grass installer, ask them about the quality of their product. How long will it last? What are the most important aspects of its performance? Is it safe for my children and pets? What is your guarantee policy?

How many options are available to customers?

There are many types of Sydney synthetic grass to choose from. You wouldn’t want the same product for your lawn as you would for a children’s play area or a backyard putting green. If the business has a physical showroom, make sure you visit it to get a sense of the products on offer before you order your Sydney synthetic grass.

How often does it need to be cleaned?

Even though maintaining an artificial lawn is far easier than doing so on a real one, anyone who claims you that Sydney synthetic grass is maintenance-free is deceiving you.

Is it okay for pets?

Sydney synthetic grass

Artificial turf of the highest grade will be impossible for your dog to dig through, but the backing and drainage systems of synthetic turf products are not all suitable for dog use so you’ll need to be careful about the Sydney synthetic grass that you choose.

What’s the price tag?

You cannot fully estimate the cost of installing artificial turf without a site inspection, as the overall cost relies on several factors.

Professional installers offer free on-site consultations, which include design and price estimates. As a bonus, they won’t charge you a fee for grass they calculated but didn’t utilise for your job.

What is the role of the installer?

Without appropriate installation, even the best artificial turf money can buy is worthless. Complexity necessitates careful craftsmanship, which is only possible via training and practise.

Is the Sydney synthetic grass susceptible to weeds?

A drainage hole in the back of the grass can allow weeds to get into the turf, despite the fact that they don’t grow into the turf itself. Weeds can also grow on the edges of a garden bed or other area when the turf is close to the soil. It’s recommended that you eradicate any weeds as soon as you see them, either by pulling them out or with a weed killer. It is safe to use weed killers purchased from any garden or hardware store, but you should try the weed killer on a tiny area of grass first if you are unsure. It’s possible to eliminate these types of weeds by hand if the seedlings from them blow onto the turf and begin to develop through the sandy soil.

If I have glass fencing or reflected surroundings from nearby buildings, would the turf get too hot?

The answer is yes! When putting up synthetic turf, be mindful of the immediate surroundings. Despite the fact that most artificial grass products have been proven to withstand high temperatures, the concentrated light from neighbouring buildings with reflective glass, such as a glass pool fence, can heat the turf to dangerous levels and even cause melting damage. In these cases, it’s recommended that you order our samples and test them in the region of concern on a clear day, this will give you an idea of what to expect.

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