Things To See On A Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride


Six million years ago gave birth to one of the world’s wonders. This stunning geological wonder brings in crowds from all across the globe to see its beauty. Many people use Las Vegas as a stopping point as the area has more to do when there is gambling involved.

However if you are going to Las Vegas and not getting a Grand Canyon helicopter ride you truly are missing out. With so many different providers and tours out there it can be hard to determine where you actually want visit. You may be thinking but I want to see the wonder! Well it is so big that it has four different rims with their own sights that you can visit.

Below we are going to dive into what areas you can visit and what you can expect from them.


South Rim

One of the most popular areas of the wonder is the South Rim. People refer to this section as what truly encapsulates the GC. That’s because if you see any photos or scenes including the GC from movies or TV shows it will always most likely be at the South Rim. Combine the stunning picturesque views along with its easy accessibility makes it a hot spot for tourists. It is 270 miles out of Vegas meaning that when you get here you can expect large crowds.

Due to how overwhelming the crowds get, many people opt to see the South Rim from a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. This means you still get to see the area but you also dodge people photo bombing your keep sakes.


North Rim

If you want to see something that is a bit more secluded with a dash of nature then you need to head out to the North Rim. This area is the escape you are after if you need to escape the bustling crowds and get yourself immersed in a serene and peaceful setting. The North Rim is approximately 1,000 feet higher than its southern counterpart which makes it about 10 degrees colder.

Due to the drop in temperature a lot more wildlife tends to blossom here. It is common to see families of deer hanging about as well as a wide array of natural fauna to the area. This section is 280 miles out from Vegas making it a prime location for a Grand Canyon helicopter ride.


West Rim

The more accessible area is the West Rim. Due to being so close it is the second most frequented location after the South Rim. It’s only 120 miles out from Vegas and features many unique attractions that you need to witness. This area is operated and owned by the Native American Tribe of Hualapai.

If the proximity wasn’t enough to draw a crowd, they have also opened up a glass-bottomed bridge that is 70 feet from the rim and gives you the chance to look directly down onto the floor 4,000 feet below. There is also a skywalk there that opened up in 2007. If you want to see this area and beat the crowds be sure to get a Grand Canyon helicopter ride.


East Rim

The last section is the hardest to get to which is why people are more likely to get a Grand Canyon helicopter ride to see this area. Just because it is 320 miles out from Vegas doesn’t mean it should be missed. This region is home to the Rainbow and Navajo Bridge, the Horseshoe Bend and the Marble and Antelope Canyon. If you don’t like long drives be sure to look into Grand Canyon helicopter ride so you can still experience this area.



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