The Paella Catering Sydney Prefers is Always Special

The most hip and latest hosting of events is the Paella Catering Sydney is proud to recommend to everyone in this 5.3 million resident harbour metropolis. The Paella Catering Sydney prefers the most elevates any event, whether it is a wedding celebration, a birthday party, a corporate meet and greet, an anniversary, or a get together of friends and family, into a special gourmet presentation and feast of the best of Spanish cuisine.

What is Paella?

Paella is a rice-based dish from the Valencia region of Spain and in its modern form originated in the middle of the 19th century. The Paella Catering Sydney knows best prepares the meal traditionally in a large shallow pan roasting combinations of chicken, chorizo, and other meats, along with beans and chicken broth over an open flame. Paella can also combine seafoods to create a seafood Paella dish; and can even combine such treats as octopus and prawns with sausages and other non-seafood elements.

The rice which is added at the end is left to simmer and reduce amongst the meats, seafood, and broth until the famous rice crust at the bottom of the pan forms, something that the chefs at the Paella Catering Sydney prefers, know so well.

Why do the Paella Catering Sydney Respects Provide the Best Parties?

Paella Catering Sydney style provides paella dishes that bring together all partygoers as the gourmet meal is a communal affair. Servings of delicious chorizo and chicken thighs, with beans and spices and rice, or the same but with prawns, mussels, and octopus, are served directly from the large pan. The added specialty of rice crust taken from the bottom of the pan makes for a delightful Spanish favourite, so adored that it is considered the nation’s premiere meal.

To bring further entertainment to the specialty, the Paella Catering Sydney residents hold in highest regard, prepare the dishes on site, and can set up chairs, umbrellas, even live music if required. A rice crusted, Spanish style Paella will lift that baby shower, that office luncheon, that hen’s night far above the ordinary catering hosted event and will make your day or evening celebration memorable for many months to come.

Why is the Paella Catering Sydney is Proud of so Popular?

The Paella Catering Sydney is proudest of is so popular amongst the residents of Sydney for the following reasons:

  • A Paella Feast fits in with the cosmopolitan vibe of Sydney city
  • The Paella Caterers bring their tradition and chefs directly from their origins in Spain
  • Paella Catering service is professional, friendly and uses the freshest produce available
  • The presentation of the Paella dish is unique amongst the list of contemporary catering hosts

In a city as vibrant as Sydney, with so many cultures living in harmony, residents are eager to taste the gourmet delights of Spain, and in particular the independent region of Valencia. So rich in history, so delicious in taste the Paella dish is one that will boost your event into the spotlight. The Paella Catering Sydney has on offer uses fresh produce sourced from local areas of seafood hauls, and agricultural farms and meat producers. Therefore, the Paella meal is not only freshly prepared on site, but it also boasts the taste and spices of food that will tingle the taste buds and satisfy the appetite.

Of course, these hosts of Spanish cuisine, also provide desserts directly from the gourmet menu of Spain, including delightful macarons and profiteroles, to end your celebration in sweetest style.

So, if you are preparing an event at the corporate office, or a special family celebration, or a once in a lifetime gathering of friends, why don’t you consider the sizzle and spectacle of the Spanish style dish that Paella Catering Sydney can’t get enough of and mark the event on your calendar as extra special.

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