How Consumers Can Add Value When Purchasing Brand New Double Chamber Bongs


Double chamber bongs are brilliant products for smokers who want the complete experience.

These percolators come in a variety of styles and materials, but it can be easy to simply opt for the most generic and convenient based on price and shipping.

Here we will discuss how consumers can add value when purchasing brand new double chamber bongs.

Have The Style Customised

All manner of colour schemes, shapes and artistic designs are now possible when purchasing double chamber bongs in 2019. This is a worldwide market where different developers are showcasing their creativity and it is a great time to acquire goods that meet the user’s tastes. The first stop that any tobacco consumer will want to take is scouring the market for a customised style, ensuring that the product is entirely unique to them.

From names and signatures to pop culture figures and crafting intricate design shapes, this is essentially a blank canvas that follows a basic anatomy to feature the base, core, stem, tube, bowl and mouthpiece. The rest is up to the customer, ranging from glow in the dark pieces to hippy and Rastafarian cultural representations and much more. 

Acquire a Cleaning Kit

The lifespan of brand new double chamber bongs is diminished significantly if users don’t clean them promptly and correctly. Especially for the glass models that offer a transparent aesthetic, it is easy to identify where the residue can become trapped and stain marks begin to emerge. Once the tobacco substance has been emptied and rinsed comprehensively, a savvy cleaning kit should offer a mixture of coarse salts, vinegar and alcoholic wipes to condition the product back to its optimum status. Even a basic cleaning instruction guide would not go astray if they do not offer a kit as part of their package.

Secure a Warranty

Sometimes adding value to an investment has less to do with the nature of the purchase as it does with simply protecting the purchase to begin with. A majority of new double chamber bongs that are on the market are crafted from glass or acrylic materials that can be compromised or broken during transit. Whilst this is the responsibility of the business to package the goods correctly and for the courier to adhere to safe practice, mistakes do happen. Secure a warranty to avoid paying full price again for a faulty product, insuring against any mistakes or accidents that might occur during the packaging and transportation phase.

Check For Brand Quality and Reputation

An experienced tobacco smoker will understand what signals to look for when seeking brand new double chamber bongs. Yet their inexperienced counterparts who are new to the culture won’t be able to identify the quality from unsatisfactory characteristics. The best tip to utilise is to apply some commonsense and check for the same markers for customers sourcing anything online – including brand reputation, ratings out of 5-stars and user feedback. If they can satisfy the needs of experienced smokers, they will pass a key benchmark.

Start Small Then Go Big

One of the greatest mistakes that tobacco smokers can make with sourcing brand new double chamber bongs is to opt for the most extravagant design on the market only to misunderstand its application and undervalue its value. Consumers who know their percolators will ideally have begun with smaller models before progressing to double chamber creations that offer a bigger hit and incorporate a more comprehensive filtration process. The key for constituents on the lookout for these goods is to begin with a general understanding about the exercise and graduate to a higher grade of bong to truly enjoy the experience.

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