Here is All You Should Know About Helicopter Lessons

Man taking helicopter lessons

Many people ask, how difficult is it to fly a helicopter? Do I have to go through helicopter lessons? All your questions are answered in this article. The truth is that flying a helicopter is a difficult task, at least while learning it. However, with some lessons, it could be as easy as driving a car or riding a bike, instinctively and manageably. Many people have fantasized about flying a helicopter, and practice, they say, makes perfect. Follow closely.

Helicopter Lessons 

It may take a while to get used to flying a helicopter. Helicopters are sensitive to movements of the foot and wrist. Hence, it always takes students taking helicopter lessons a while before they are accustomed to this fact – small conditions controlling a large object. 

You can kickstart things with a flight simulator. It will help you to know slight movement. Nevertheless, a real helicopter is still different, especially when it comes to its controls and swinging around. As you take your lessons and begin to control the object, it will be easier for you to fly the aircraft to anywhere you may desire. 

How difficult are the manoeuvres? 

Everyone would agree that manoeuvres seem to be the most critical activity a helicopter does in the air. Well, let us examine different manoeuvres and how they are done. 

  • Hovering 

Helicopter manoeuvres could be difficult, especially hovering. Many helicopter lessons attest to this fact. You may need several hours or even learning moments to master hovering. It is always the most foundational fact students are taught as they begin to learn how to fly the aircraft. 

  1. Autorotation 

Apart from hovering, the next important manoeuvre to learn is autorotation. It is possible that a helicopter’s engine stops running. You need autorotation to safely return to the ground. It is an amazing ability that does not require any external force. 

The truth is that autorotation could be difficult because of the nature of the situation – you are in the air, and the engine stops working. Some experienced pilots have confirmed that it is the harder yet most important part of helicopter lessons. 

It is always better to begin to learn autorotation with a flight simulator first. You can then practice the same process with a real aircraft, having mastered the process. 

  1. Other types of manoeuvres 

In addition to hovering and autorotation, there are other types of manoeuvres in helicopter lessons. They can appear scary and even difficult, but you only need to learn them and be a master at flying helicopters. 

Factors to consider while flying a helicopter 

Other important things to know during helicopter lessons are some important considerations;

  • High altitude 
  • Weather conditions 
  • Instrument flying 
  • The type of helicopter 
  • Flying alone or with a partner 

In as much as this content provides basic information about helicopter lessons, it does not provide sufficient knowledge on flying the aircraft. You need to register in a proper training centre. 

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