Nightlife in the USA

Night Life

The United States has some of the craziest nightlife happening when compared to the rest of the world. Bars everywhere, clubs and different kinds, underground parties, house parties, frat parties, everywhere you look there will be something happening and going on the moment the sun sets.

The legal drinking age for the citizens of the U.S is twenty-one, and it is strictly enforced. Minors will face offenses if found drinking and engaging in adult activities. The amount of nightlife primarily depends on which part of the city or country you are in, as long as it’s not a rural area. After a hectic and draining week at the office, weekends are partied like its 1999 new years.

The famous “Sin City,” initially termed Las Vegas is one of the craziest party capitals to visit in the world. Everyone and anyone not only in the nation but from all over the globe visit this capital as the city never sleeps. Twenty four hours alcohol and food served in bars, parties and anything with loud music and a room full of girls and boys dancing in an intimate theme.


Clubs play all sort of music ranging from raves, club music, and country music or host many live band music and rock shows. There is no discrimination against anyone who wants to have a good time. Gay bars and gay clubs have also arrived at the scene. Now, gay couples and individuals can who want a good time can party in a free and flirtatious manner.

After Las Vegas, it would be, without doubt, Times Square in New York. The Big Apple is a city populated with cultures of various diversity which can be seen in its food, drinks, and parties. New York has specific time limit restrictions and is not like Sin City. Its bars and parties are legally required to be closed by two am, but it usually extends up to four am. So if you wish to party here, you better get out fast!

Another face of the nightlife is the house parties and underground clubs held.  House parties are literal to it name. Parties hosted in houses usually in resident colonies. These parties are off the hook but unfortunately prone to loud complaints by neighbors and are typically shut down when the cops come or when everyone passes out. Underground clubs are only to known to a close crowd to keep it from getting attention.


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