A Beginner’s Guide On Creating The Best Engagement Party Invitations


While they certainly aren’t as important as your wedding cards, you want to make sure that your engagement party invitations are the best they can possibly be. It is also the first chance for you and your fiancé to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Naturally, you want to get the celebrations off to a great start and, a lot of the time, this starts with your choice of engagement party invitations. If you’re not sure where to begin, then read on to find out where to start.


No obligations

You don’t have to host an engagement party; however, it is definitely a nice way to get everyone together and celebrate the future. Unlike a wedding, where there are general guidelines and a certain sense of decorum, how you organise your first get-together is completely up to you! It could be anything from a Sunday brunch to Saturday night cocktails to a simple weekend BBQ and lunch with close family and friends. At the end of the day, you want your engagement party invitations to reflect the theme and style of your overall function.


Mandatory information

If you decide to go through with it and host a small gathering to celebrate the upcoming wedding, there are a few things you must have on your notifications. The names of you and your couple is essential, for those who may have never met your fiancé or future partner. People also want to know what to wear. Even if you’re having a very casual BBQ at your home, it’s worth including the dress code on the card (just to give your guests peace of mind).

It’s also important to include the name of the host(s) on your cards; however, this is only important if you are not hosting your pre-wedding celebrations. It could be your parents, your fiancé’s parents or a specialist host company. Either way, list the hosts’ name on your engagement party invitations so your guests know who to thank for the great event!

Naturally, you need to include the date, day and the location of the event. If you’re hosting it at a function centre, try to be as specific as possible. If you think you need to include directions, make sure to include them. If you don’t think you’ll have room on the card, consider including a link to a Facebook page, where you can add your guests and explain the directions in greater detail.


Think about the tone and prose

Now that you know what to include, we’ve reached the point where you probably want to know how to write it. If you’re opting for a more traditional event, you want your engagement party invitations to be written in formal verse. In this case, you’ll be using phrases like “You are cordially invited” or “We request the pleasure of your company.” Dates should be written in words (e.g. the Twelfth of August).

On the other hand, if you want to go for a more casual or modern pre-wedding celebration, consider using more semi-formal wording. “Join us for our celebrations” or “We welcome you to attend” are generally the most popular phrases. Dates can be written using numbers.


Don’t forget the RSVP

It might sound unbelievable, but many new couples forget to put the RSVP date on their engagement party invitations. Make it clear on the card when your guests need to be responding by, so you can finalise numbers with a caterer or host. Consider putting the text in bold so it stands out on your engagement party invitations.

Feel like you’re ready to start planning? Get in touch with a formal wedding planner or card designer today!


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