10 Things to Know About Using A Sydney PR Agency

PR Agency

If you want to promote your brand or message, having a reliable Sydney PR agency is one of the best ways to do so. Unlike traditional advertising, which puts a message out into the world (at a cost) to drive sales via media outlets like TV, radio and cinema, public relations works by engaging audiences through news outlets, social media and events. It also involves increasing brand reputation through corporate relations and stakeholder communication. Public relations is typically considered to be a more personal form of publicity than traditional advertising.


When you should use it

If you need some extra help meeting your business’ goals, want to get your brand name out to the right audiences, want to boost your credibility and reputation, or want to gain high-quality, relevant media contacts, Sydney PR agency is for you. Many businesses seek help from a public relations agency because they find they lack the time or resources to do it themselves. Public relations experts get results – they are highly trained communicators who know how to craft an effective message.

Public relations is a two-way communication channel that allows you to speak to your market and hear back from them. If you have a news-worthy event or message, getting it into news outlets is a great way to get publicity and receive comments from your audience.


What it involves

Sydney PR agency involves creating a custom-made strategy which utilises a range of publicity tactics in order to get the best outcomes for each particular case. They will begin by setting targets in order to be able to measure the success of the campaign. This may include the deciding upon the amount of social media coverage you want or number of audience members that should be present at an event.

There are many public relations tactics they may use, including:

Media relations

Sydney PR agency commonly works with media/news outlets as they provide a great source of brand exposure. A public relations expert may craft a content and development strategy and then act on it to get exposure. They also perform media management, training, and issues and crisis management.

Content development

Content development is an important part of public relations, as quality content is a great way to attract your audience. A public relations expert may write blog content, produce infographics, take eye-catching photos or produce a video in order to engage viewers. They are also great at copywriting for websites and the like.


Partnerships are a great way to boost your brand’s credibility as they capitalise on the reputation of well-known and beloved brands and events. Sydney PR agency may organise speaking engagements at big events, or secure cross promotional opportunities and sponsors.

Social media

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular means of getting publicity for brands due to high levels of audience engagement. From memes on Facebook to celebrity-sponsored photos on Instagram, there are so many creative ways that a public relations expert can communicate your message on social media!

Stakeholder communications

Strong and positive communication with stakeholders is essential for any business. It’s important to ensure that you receive support in the event of an issue or crisis – a public relations expert can design a plan to ensure you are ready if such an event occurs. A Sydney PR agency can also help you by creating an email content strategy and email templates, and can also assist with distribution to help make your life easier.



A Sydney PR agency offers a range of benefits to businesses looking to gain some extra publicity for their brand.

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