10 Fun Things To Make With A Laser Cutting Machine

10 Fun Things To Make With A Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutting machine is a wonderful and versatile tool. Not only is it capable of creating a whole host of large scale, intricate designs, as well as electronics and even other tools in some cases, a laser cutting machine is also great for many DIY projects. Today we’ll be exploring ten fun things you can make with a laser cutting machine:

Key Chains

Starting small is often a good idea if you’re unfamiliar with a new tool. That’s why the first thing on our list of fun things to make with a laser cutting machine is a key chain. Because you can slice and design you please into almost any material you please, this is a great, low risk project to get started with and once complete, you’ll be able to take your design everywhere with you.


If you’re looking to get a little more fancy, consider making a clock. You’ll obviously need to source mechanisms to make your project function but it’ll be a great talking point in your home.


Want to take your DIY projects from your laser cutting machine with you when you’re out and about? Why not try your hand at making some jewellery. Chains will be best off being purchased but you can design pendants for them as well as bracelets, brooches and rings to your heart’s content.

Metal Signs

Laser cutting machine

Want to scream about your new laser cutting machine from the rooftops? Design metal signs and you can do just that. Great for personalising a man cave, living area or as gifts, metal signs are in style right now and are surprisingly easy to make.

Tea Light Holders

If you’re a fan of candles you simply cannot go past creating your own gorgeous tea light holders. Experiment with basic designs at first and work your way up to creating intricate patterns that throw gorgeous light throughout your space to really set the mood in any room.


Book worms will love having their very own custom or personalised bookmarks and thanks to the ability of most laser cutting machine to engrave, you can create any design you want to help ensure that you never lose your page.


Summer is a great time for entertaining but if you don’t want to be constantly cleaning rings off your tables from everyone’s ice cold glasses, coasters are a must. Why not have some fun with this table top staple and create your own unique designs? A laser cutting machine allows you to decide on the exact shape of your coasters then engrave whatever you please on top so they’re sure to be a conversation starter.

Kitchen Storage

Sick of the labels falling off all the tubs in your pantry? Why not get metal or glass containers and engrave your own labels on them? Your pantry will look gorgeous when everything is uniform and you’ll be better organised for it as well.

Custom Mirrors

Ever wanted a custom mirror but couldn’t stomach the price tag? With a laser cutting machine you can make your own. Glass is notoriously hard to work with so this project isn’t for beginners but once you’re better at operating your new toy, you can create some really unique home decor items.


Finally, nature lovers will be intrigued to discover that you can also craft a gorgeous birdhouse with the help of a laser cutting machine. Thanks to the precision offered by these tools you can quickly and easily create a new home for your winged friends and attract new ones to your garden.

Let us know in the comments which of these fun DIY laser cutting machine projects you’ll be taking on first!

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